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... lnkshort.de shortens long URLs, generates redirects, QR codes and much more.

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  Shorten long URLs in no time at all

Long and unwieldy urls cause you problems? Shorten your long URL with lnkshort.de and get a short and handy address. Create a login to get more options and track who is using your URL.

  QR codes á la couleur

Whether colourful or round - use our extensive editor to get the most out of QR codes. Whether for fun or business, create your personal QR code with lnkshort.de.

  Create URLs that make an impression

No second chance for a first impression. Create a unique and expressive URL to make a great impression. Choose from a variety of domains and create a different kind of link with the help of lnkshort.de

  •   lnsh.de/6chars

    Use our shortener to get really short URLs!

  •   istderkoenig.de/klaus

    Create an account and choose from a variety of domains.

  •   kaufmichsofort.de/diesesprodukt

    Create an account and choose from a variety of domains.

  Best service & lightning fast

We have a selection of great domains for your redirects. No matter what you use our service for, your website will be perfect - and lightning fast.

  Track your URLs

Track how your URLs perform and find out who your users are. lnkshort.de helps you with click counters and statistics.

  Secure and GDPR compliant

lnkshort.de encrypts with HTTPS by default and is of course GDPR compliant.

  Always suitable for you

Configure and design your forwarding down to the last detail. Create an account now and customise your new URL.

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